Art-B: Timeline of Events


May 5 Cieszyn: ART-B is founded by Boguslaw Bagsik.

Nov 11 Cieszyn: Gasiorowski entering Art-B as 40% shareholders and C.O.O. & Vice-President.

Aug. 15 1989 Bagsik decides to emigrate to Israel.


Sept. 17 Lech Walesa former chairman of Solidarity decides to enter the Presidential race.

Nov. 25 Lech Walesa wins primaries and enters the run-off against Tyminski a Canadian businessman. Lech Walesa is actively seeking funds from the business community for the run-off race.

Nov. 27 Gdańsk: Lech Walesa meets Andrzej Gasiorowski,Vice-President of ART-B.

Nov. 30 Lech Walesa receives the first part of funds from ART-B and a written confirmation of receipt is given for the funds.

Dec. 5  Gdańsk: Lech Walesa personally meets with Bagsik

Dec. 9 Lech Walesa is elected president of Poland.

Dec. 15 Gdańsk: President Lech Walesa receives ART-B delegation. (Note: First official delegation he receives after election)

Dec. 30 Israel: Bagsik purchases family house in Herzlyia-Pituach, Israel, and he applies for Israeli citizenship, which he receives on Mar 19 1991.


Jan 7 President Walesa's cabinet receives substantial financing from ART-B .

Mar 1 PC (Central Alliance [Note: PC is President Walesa's party) with Maciej Zalewski as a Chairman and Lech Walesa receive another confirmed gift of funds from ART-B.

Mar 12 ART-B deposits equivalent of 65 million USD for five years in PKO BP the largest state owned bank. This deposit saved PKO BP from bankruptcy. PKO BP issues to ART B letters of guarantee for the deposits. Later on this large transaction will be one of the reasons to accuse Bagsik and Gasiorowski of having the intention to infiltrate and destroy the Polish banking system.

Mar 12 Maciej Zalewski appointed Chief of BBN (National Security Office). Zalewski is one of the founders and leaders of PC Party.

Mar 13 Bagsik finalizes the purchase of PAZ - the largest oil company in Israel for $85 mill. It causes a big sensation in Poland. A lot of anti-semitic people in high positions in the government start to complain, that "Jews are taking away Polish money to Israel". Later President Walesa expresses himself publicly that way many times using the argument in his populist political activity; he promises to the people, to return every zloty Bagsik and Gasiorowski stole from poor and wounded Poland personally.

Apr. 12 Farmers begin a general strike against President Walesa and his cabinet.

Apr. 13 Ursus employee's declare their willingness to join the general strike with the farmers. Ursus employ's roughly 100,000 workers and is one of the origins of Solidarity along with Gdansk shipyards.

Apr. 18 Bagsik through Art-B purchases the yearly production of Ursus tractors totaling 45,000 tractors. The first 4,500 tractors are purchased with cash for $15 mill equivalent. Boguslaw Bagsik is strongly pushed to that deal by the Polish Minister of Industry A. Zawislak. Bagsik declares he will sell the tractors on the local market at 1% interest per year (while the national banks were asking over 100% interest per year). Bagsik's motivation is to help the farmers. Parliamentary elections are fixed for October of 1991.

Apr. 22 Zalewski warns President Walesa that the workers and the farmers might vote for the party of Bagsik UD (Democratic Union) because of this transaction.. (Note: 38% of population are farmers).

Apr. 23 Zalewski visits chief of UOP Mr. Milczanowski and requests full information on ART-B, connections of ART-B, Bagsik, and Gasiorowski. 

May. 1 Zalewski visits Mr. Milczanowski again, he reports to Zalewski that nothing is against ART-B in their files. 

May. 3 Zalewski discovers Bagsik and Gasiorowski are involved in organizing Jewish immigration to Israel from Russia with Warsaw as a transit site. (Note: During this period UOP believed that organized Aliyah was a collaboration between the Mossad and the KGB.) 

May. 6 Zalewski visits UOP searching for information against ART-B. Additional meetings in 1991 were on the following dates; May 9 and 15, June 20-25, and July 2 1991. 

May. 21 President Walesa visits Israel for 3 days with an official delegation including Zalewski. During that visit Zalewski organizes a meeting with Israeli Intelligence he suggests that ART-B is connected to the KGB. Additionally he asks that the Israeli's support them in their efforts against ART-B. 

June 11 Zalewski invites Andrzej Gasiorowski to headquarters of National Security Office . He informed Andrzej Gasiorowski that there was an ongoing investigation about ART-B and he would decide the disposition of their case. Then he asks for the financial statement of ART-B, financial operations, the methods employed to acquire cash resources, connections with Aliyah (Jewish immigration), and political aspirations. When Gasiorowski told him, that both he and Bagsik had decided to run for senate as UD candidates, Zalewski pressed that Bagsik and Gasiorowski should leave UD and join PC, and support the President. Additionally he suggested that Bagsik and Gasiorowski should purchase 20% of Telegraph for 1.7 million USD equivalent and to run business activity through this company. Telegraph was a company created by Zalewski whose shareholders consisted solely of members of President Walesa's party (PC) 

June 17 Zalewski visits headquarters of ART-B meeting Gasiorowski and Bagsik. Zalewski is assisted by the Chairman of Telegraph Oblicki and Bagsik decides to invest the money in Telegraph and collaborate. 

June 20 Zalewski visits ART-B headquarters with Mr. Adam Glapinski (Minister of Housing in Poland and Vice-President of PC);They request that Bagsik will prepare some national development projects which can be used by Glapinski to support PC and the President politically. 

June 20-25 Zalewski regularly visits UOP trying to find evidence against ART-B with no results. His obsessive question at this time is: "where did ART B get the money from"? 6,7,8 He is inspired to create a lot of theories about that subject: from Mossad , KGB or CIA and later on - together with Prosecutor Radomski - even Arabic origin of Art B cash resources. . Deputy Ministry of Finance, Stefan Kawalec confirmed, that ART B is dealing with "black money" and foreign intelligence. Except for rumors not one of them was able to be more specific. None of the theories ever found confirmation in facts and information from UOP. The other sources associated with UOP spread massive rumors in Poland about Jewish , free-masons or CIA background of the financing of ART B.Zalewski strongly believe that Art B is too dynamic and non-conventional and can shake down Polish banking system, He declares, that after the deal with Ursus Bagsik, who is UD oriented, can destroy the political stabilization in Poland and change the results of upcoming elections - through getting for UD - then biggest political party - 25% of the votes or more,and can make the President's position more difficult. Zalewski felt that he was responsible for security in whole country, he in fact from the beginning of his service focused his attention only on ART B exclusively, treating it as a precedent on which he could discover how the state could defend when is arm-less. Then he was ready on behalf of the security of the state - to destroy the company. Through constantly reporting to the President and his Office and Lech Kaczynski (Chairman of PC Party), he influenced their negative position toward Bagsik and Gasiorowski.. Using his connections in mass-media he started to spread rumors about ART B. June 23 1991 A high-ranking UOP officer tried to coerce Jerzy Sikora, the bookkeeper of a small bank in Bagsik's hometown in order to force him to make a statement, that Bagsik gave him a 5.000 DM bribe. This statement is necessary to issue an arrest order against Bagsik. June 24 1991 Zalewski visits Bagsik in Pecice (18th century Palace by Warsaw that is the private residence of Bagsik and Gasiorowski). Bagsik and Gasiorowski at this time deliver all demanded information on financial operations, oscillator, and check operations of Art B.. Then Zalewski ran back to UOP saying, that he discovered, how ART B intended to destroy Polish banking system.Since this time UOP made a decision to make a full observation of ART B: taping the telephones in all ART B offices and the homes of its executive officers, and constant surveillance of Bagsik and Gasiorowski. June 29 1991 Bagsik officially brings to Israel a delegation of Polish bankers. All costs have been covered by Art"B". The purpose of this visit is to facilitate banking operations between Israeli and Polish banks. There are high-ranking bank officials, from many Polish state banks. In August, after attacking Art B by UOP some of them will be spectacularly arrested, imprisoned for a long period of time, and then sued -accused of causing damage to the Polish banking system. June 30 1991 In "Banking Newspaper" - a professional financial magazine, Bagsik and Gasiorowski explain officially all of their financial operations including kating with checks (oscillator). It was also disclosed by the "Banking Newspaper" that all of the operations of ART-B were legal. July 5 1991 There was a meeting between PC and KKP (Polish Business Club). PC was represented by PC President J. Kaczynski (This time he was number two in Poland and responsible for National Security) and PC Vice-President A.Glapinski and PC was represented by ten members including Bagsik and Gasiorowski. PC wanted substantial financial support from PBC members; Bagsik on behalf of PBC said, "...before PC was supported substantially and as a reward we have observed increased activity of UOP against ourselves. Support is possible but only with written confirmation from PC." The delegation of PC left the meeting very irritated. (Note: One year later five of KKP members, present on that meeting were hunted or arrested by UOP, with unclear accusation, and were not convicted. July 6 1991 "Telegraph affair" explodes in Poland through newspaper called Kurier Polski. The newspaper published a list of shareholders of Telegraph. That caused a big shock for Polish society. At this time it was right before parliamentary elections, and the public was very sensitive about this type of information. Zalewski suggests to PC leaders that in order to cover-up the Telegraph scandal they should use ART-B as a scapegoat to bear the full responsibility. July 31 1991 Zalewski warns Bagsik that his and Gasiorowski's travel outside of the country will be restricted. (Note: This in fact was discovered later as a lie.). Aug. 1 1991 Bagsik and Gasiorowski leave Poland. They go to Hanover to finalize a large financial operation with overseas partners. Aug. 5 1991 Zalewski meets with several journalists from the newspapers and leaks information about the ART-B scandal, and UOP preparations to act against ART-B. Aug. 6 1991 A week after Bagsik and Gasiorowski left the country UOP and Anti-Terrorist Commandos armed with automatic weapons and grenades attacked the headquarters and residences of ART-B. They were ordered to fire at their discretion. (Note: Neither Boguslaw Bagsik or Andrzej Gasiorowski owned a firearm, rifle, or pistol. And at this time they were already one week out of Poland!!!) The legal basis of their activity was a standard search warrant issued by the prosecutor Radomski, in which he ordered seizure of all banking documentaton, etc. "by the inspectors of UOP". Seven bankers are placed jail. Simultaneously all central newspapers run the following headline, "Bankers in Jail - ART-B Escapes". Prosecutor is freezing all of ART B's bank accounts for next four months. ART B and subsidiaries employs at that moment approx. 15.000 workers. Armed commandos searched primarily for any documents dealing with the President, PC or Zalewski. Aug. 6 1991 In the current situation in Hannover Bagsik and Gasiorowski give ART B as collateral to a private Polish bank BHK with all it's assets. At this moment the company has assets $450 mill ($13 mill capital, $110 mill of inventory, approx. $100 mill deposited in various banks, $280 mill in bank guarantees, and 18 mill real estate) and liabilities as $400 mill debt to BHK. The only way to resolve the problem of debt caused by stopping the cashflow of Art B by UOP and the prosecutor was to give the shares of ART B as collateral to the bank. Two weeks later BHK receives from NBP (Polish National Bank) a loan for $400 mill against shares of ART B, whose value NBP estimates at more than $450 mill. Aug. 8 1991 Prosecutor issues a warrant of arrest for Bagsik on suspicion of bribery to the tune of 5,000 DM. After this moment Bagsik is wanted by Interpol. Aug 12 1991 Committee of ART B coordination has been created. Members of that are representatives of Ministry of Finance, UOP, Ministry of Internal Affair, Prosecutor, Ministry of Justice, NBP (Polish National Bank), BHK. They made political decision to eliminate company. ART B at that time was private a company, with approx. 15.000 employees, $4.5 bill USD turnover. Aug. 16 1991 US embassy in Warsaw is asked by a Delegation of Polish government (Chief of UOP -A.Milczanowski, Ministry of Finance- S.Kawalec) for the following help; American experts to aid in locating Bagsik and Gasiorowski's assets, to place attachments on them and to bring them back to Poland. A Meeting was organized as a result of the request from Polish Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Aug. 17 1991 UOP covers Zalewski: Vice-President of ART-B W. Adamczyk is investigated by UOP and he mentions the name of Zalewski. UOP changes references in their documentation from Zalewski to "High State Official"

Oct. 5 1991

Newspaper NIE publish pictures of Gasiorowski and Walesa releasing the connections between ART-B and the President. This angers President Walesa. Oct. 10 1991 President Walesa makes official statement to the Polish nation against Gasiorowski and Bagsik and says, that he is personally responsible for getting them back in socks." This statement was quoted for the next 2 1/2 years in newspapers all over the world. Additionally Walesa expresses his surprise that the bastard Andrzej Gasiorowski is still not accused of any crime. Oct. 12 1991 Prosecutor issues a warrant of arrest for Gasiorowski and accuses him of damaging the banking system for 400 million dollars equivalent by abusing the law. The same accusation from this point on has been filed against Boguslaw Bagsik. Oct. 18 1991 President Lech Walesa in a public radio interview calls on all Polish patriots to rise up and bring Bagsik back from Israel to Poland.Its results were that in many newspapers there were announcements published by the nationalists in Poland searching for volunteers ready to go to Israel and bring Bagsik back to Poland. A week later (on Oct 25, 1991) he made a statement, that he is not the president of all Polish people. He is not the president of those who steal and cheat. They are not punished only for the time being, and because of this they are attacking president. 31 Oct. 27 1991 Zalewski is elected to Parliament. Jan 27, 1992 UOP and prosecutor begin activities to change Bagsik's birth records to state that his parents were not Jewish.The "New" mother of Bagsik has a catholic certificate of baptism, which is immediately delivered to Israel as a proof against Bagsik. UOP tried to investigate the Protestant communities, where Bagsik's parents were from to discover more details about Bagsik religious life. Then the prosecutor delivers all materials to the press and encourages them to publish the materials in order to help his investigation. The motivation was to deliver these altered documents to the Israeli's to prove he wasn't Jewish and begin criminal proceedings against him in Israel for falsifying records so they could extradite him as a non-citizen. Acting in that way the Prosecutor and the security services broke the law and the human rights of Boguslaw Bagsik This indicates, that the activity of UOP from the beginning until now is against the legal rules and regulations, expressed in the Polish Act about UOP, which is to protect the state in the situation of facing danger which is jeopardizing security, defense, integrity and independence of Poland, to contradict espionage and terrorism. Feb. 7 1992 During European Conference in Strasbourg President Lech Walesa asked President Chaim Herzog if he would extradite Bagsik and Gasiorowski. This statement has become very well known in the world. Feb. 16 1992 Clearance from Itzaak Modai, Israeli Ministry of Finance on behalf of Israeli security services was given to Bagsik and Gasiorowski (Polish Group) which enabled them to legally possess PAZ oil company. (Note: The significance of this is that the State of Israel officially declares there is no connection with any intelligence service world-wide including the KGB) Mar. 11 1992 Official separation between the Presidency (Walesa) and the PC Party. Zalewski is no longer a favorite of President Walesa. Mar 5 1992 Meeting in the Polish Ministry of Finance between Israeli advocate, Eliahu Miron and representatives of the Polish Ministry of Finance, NBP (Polish National Bank), the Polish Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor, BHK (Bank Handlowo-Kredytowy), UOP, Art B. Eliahu Miron was approached by Polish Deputy Minister of Finance, Stefan Kawalec and proposes his services to obtain Bagsik and Gasiorowski and to bring their money back to Poland. From this time Miron receives all materials from UOP and the prosecutor and uses them against Bagsik and Gasiorowski in Israel. On Mar 23, 1992 Eliahu Miron signs an agreement with ART B. Based on it he is delegated to sue Bagsik and Gasiorowski in Israel for $200 mill. His reward is 10% of all funds he will be able to trace and send back to Poland. Agreement was approved by UOP, Ministry of Finance, Polish National Bank and the prosecutor. Also he starts an immediate press campaign in Israel against Bagsik and Gasiorowski by delivering falsified records from UOP who is trying to help so they could extradite Bagsik to Poland as a non-citizen. Mar 24, 1992 After Polish authorities failed in their attempts to convince Israel to extradite Boguslaw Bagsik and Andrzej Gasiorowski, they tried another course of action: They claimed from them in the courts of Israel through civil proceedings, filed on behalf of ART-B, an amount of 600,000,000 USD (!) . These proceedings are taken by the Polish authorities for internal political reasons in Poland. An application is filed in Israeli court to exempt the company from paying court fees on this gigantic claim on the ground that ART-B is bankrupt. May 28 1992 Newspaper Wprost publishes the true story about Zalewski and ART-B based on Gasiorowski and Bagsik's information. As result of that Bagsik and Gasiorowski are examined June 12-16 1992 by Polish prosecutor in the Polish consulate in Israel, and later Sept. 11-15 1992 UOP conducts a 5 day investigation in the same place against Zalewski. Two months later the PC Party expresses publicly that they no longer support Zalewski. Oct. 29 1992 Zalewski is officially accused by the prosecutor of forcing Bagsik and Gasiorowski to invest 1.7 million USD equivalent in Telegraph, forcing Bagsik and Gasiorowski to give a 4 million USD equivalent loan to Telegraph at 0% interest, and of informing them of the possibility of being arrested. 8 Zalewski at this time is still protected by parliamentary immunity. Later, (Jan 19 1993) PC Party force Zalewski to resign from parliament. Additionally they kick him out after finding a basis for the accusations. Zalewski no longer has immunity, and the trial against Zalewski starts. Dec. 6 1992 The court in Israel, after hearing evidence, dismisses the application for exemption from the court fees, saying that it was clearly proved that (1) ART-B has substantial properties and large cash reserves. (2) The Polish authorities stand behind the civil claim of ART-B and they are able to pay the court fees. Jan 10 1993 President Lech Walesa in a state of the union address was assaulted by invalids and pensioners who pelted him with eggs, tomatoes, and assorted vegetables. This event was covered live by Polish TV. A few days later President Lech Walesa in a live TV interview at Gdansk in the shipyard building with the workers union stated that Bagsik stole the money from poor, wounded, destroyed, and damaged Poland. Specifically he stated that Bagsik robbed the invalids and pensioners in Poland, and that even though he committed no offense of the law he will not forgive him and will personally bring him back to Poland with all his money that he said was stolen. He also called Bagsik a crook and a thief numerous times. Apr 29, 1993 Stefan Kawalec, Deputy Minister of Finance totally disregards all proposals from Bagsik and Gasiorowski to achieve a compromise, to make balancesheet of ART B and then - if anything is missing - to give that balance back to the NBP (Polish National Bank) . Since Bagsik and Gasiorowski left Poland they tried from the first few days to clean up they financial liabilities by approaching: NBP (Polish National Bank), Ministry of Finance, liquidator of BHK (Bank Handlowo-Kredytowy), liqudator of ART B, and later on to the Polish Prime Minister, President Walesa. Not one of their letters have been answered. July 6 1993 The Polish authorities reduced their civil claim in Israel by more than 500,000,000 USD and filed an amended statement of claim for 91,000,000 USD. Jul. 23, 1993 President Lech Walesa made a public statement, that Bagsik and Gasiorowski didn't break the law, all their actions were according to the law. He also expressed, that they were not patriotic, but for that it is not possible to be punished.. Also it was known, that until that time nobody had filed any legal claim against Bagsik and Gasiorowski in Poland for financial damage. Sept. 30 1993 Bagsik and Gasiorowski sent a letter directly to President Lech Walesa. They declared good will in repaying all damages which will be estimated. They proposed to make balance sheet of the company in order to evaluate current value of the assets of ART B. They also proposed to cover any financial loss in Poland from PAZ assets. There was no reply from the President's office. Dec. 1 1993 The Polish authorities which were unsuccessful in their civil claim in Israel, tried another way: They initiated in the Israeli court preliminary proceedings for discovery of documents and interrogatories which require the personal presence of B. Bagsik, otherwise a judgment in their favor may be entered automatically. They hope that they will be able to stop B. Bagsik abroad, under an extradition demand or for any other reasons, and thus obtain a judgment against him in the Israeli court, which they cannot obtain on the merits of the case. The Polish authorities are making all possible efforts to stop B. Bagsik abroad and to "win" the civil case in Israel in this way, since by this act they can get more than 80,000,000 USD which is invested in Israel awaiting the judgment of the court. Dec. 12 1993 The prosecutor forbids the liquidator of ART B to officially approve and declare a balance sheet of ART B, because it's results are contradictive with the need of investigation. The balance sheet shows a 300 mill USD equivalent profit by the company, but the Polish authorities claim that the company is bankrupt, because it was robbed by Boguslaw Bagsik and Andrzej Gasiorowski . Therefore since they left Poland a balance sheet of company has not been made public. The fact that there is no approved balance sheet is against Polish Law and should be treated as crime. Dec.18 1993 The total shares in PAZ (50% of the company), belonging to the "Polish Group" has been transferred back to the Liberman family. It was aresult of strong preasure from Polish authorities supporting Liberman family. Liberman paid back to the Boguslaw Bagsik officially 75 mill USD from the founds which was invested into PAZ plus extra $16 mill. June 13 1994 Bagsik is arrested in Zurich, Switzerland. Poland requests his extradition accusing him of 5,000DM bribery and 7 other accusations . Few days later it was declared that 7 out of 8 accusations presented by the Polish government were not considered in Switzerland as a crime. June 16 1994 Deputy Chairman of Polish Interpol - Hanna Ruszkowska declares, that Bagsik was arrested as a result of a hunt done by an overseas citizen which has been specially trained in Poland. Sept. 1 1994 Elections for the new president of Poland. President Lech Walesa is one of the candidates. To be again a president of not all of the Polish people. He is not a president of those who steal and cheat. Show must go on.......... Dec 16 1994 Six months after being arrested Boguslaw Bagsik was still not served with accusation. Judge Erwin Jenny from Swiss Police department made many times official statement that out of eight accusation which were presented by Polish authorities only one eventually will be qualified by Swiss law as a commited crime. It is to cause a damage for the private company belonging to Boguslaw Bagsik - Art B , for an amount of 100 mill USD. No one declared before accusation of damaging banking system, robing the banks etc. were considered as sufficient based on presented evidences. Jan 05 1995 Value of PAZ oil company was ectimated by Leumi Bank (second largest in Israel) as 475 mill USD. One year ago Boguslaw Bagsik and Andrzej Gasiorowski were forced by Polish authoruites to sell 50% of company for 75 mill USD. Jan 10 1995 Till that day no one accusation Swiss authorities were succesfull to present against Boguslaw Bagsik as a reason of his eventuall extradition to Poland........